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It’s 2016 and photo taking using smartphones still continue to be a huge trend. We also noticed the return of instant cameras has becoming a rising trend! Seeing these trends, Liberty Printing imported a new instant photo printing machine that allows users to print high quality photos instantly from their smartphones – WePrint.

All you have to do is scan the QR code shown on the machine, upload selected photo from your phone, insert the ID code shown on screen, a high quality photo will be instantly printed in 60 seconds!

“Being the 1st WeChat instant printing machine in Malaysia, it is not surprising if you have seen it before in one of the major shopping malls or exhibitions. Since WePrint was brought into Malaysia in 2015, we have been engaged in hundreds of roadshows and exhibitions, recruiting thousands of followers on Wechat, printing thousands copies of photos in an event. From these events and the database we collected, I know the potential of this machine to be a money making tool.” Json Tan, Managing Director of WePrint commented.

Indeed, beyond what you see as an instant photo printing machine, WePrint is a great marketing tool for any businesses. It is designed to help advertisers recruit WeChat followers through on-ground events and activities. Businesses will not only be able to advertise on screen but also incorporate brand or product in a pre-designed photo template. Therefore, users will be exposed to the advertisement while waiting for their photos to be printed and bring a copy of the printed photo with branded message or product information with them home.

“WePrint is a really a powerful marketing tool that is full of potential, I can sell the machines to retail outlets to entertain their guests, I can provide rental or leasing services to the event management companies and I can also charge advertisement fee from different advertisers. Most importantly, it is suitable almost for all kind of businesses, such as F&B, entertainment, beauty, Bridal, hotel, supermarket, Tourism, advertising, media, jewelry, telecommunication, automotive, property, electronics, gym, education, charity etc.” Json added further.

For any corporate or private functions, WePrint is always a crowd pleaser, attracting crowds to print their favourite photos onto different material, including photo paper, magnetic paper, button badge and phone casing. For the advertisers, they can use the machines to recruit followers, collect database, and engage with the followers more effectively through another popular social media platform – WeChat.

Attracting crowd

“I am glad that WePrint has been gaining popularity among exhibitions and roadshows, a lot of the enquiries also came through when we participated in these events because they have seen how powerful it is to attract the crowd. Recognized brands such as One Utama, Neway, Celcom, GSC, Acson, Revlon across different industries have engaged us in their events in Klang valley and other states, some even plan to engage us on a long term basis to support them throughout the year.” Json added.

“We believe that this is the right time for us to expand this business further by partnering with distributors nationwide to bring this powerful marketing tool to every corner of Malaysia.” Json ended the interview with a positive note.

If you are interested to become one of WePrint distributors, kindly contact Steven @ 019-323 1515 / 019-985 8151.


WePrint负责人 – Json 接受《创富天下》杂志的采访,分享WePrint如何成为展览会场新宠及它的市场潜能。

Global Fortune 创富天下是商业杂志

Global Fortune 创富天下是商业杂志

WePrint负责人 - Json. 分享WePrint如何成为展览会场新宠及它的市场潜能。

WePrint负责人 – Json.






展览会场新宠:WePrint 微信照片打印机




Json表示,自己原来是从热转印行业出身的,以前一直都在个性化礼品这个区域里。但是,近几年他一直在思考:如何能够跳出现在的框框,转向更加符合时代的个性化礼品?怎么从这个传统的行业跳出来?怎么往热转印这个方向进行延伸?后来,机缘巧合下,他在供货商致电给他,告诉他微信相片打印机的出现,要求他过去看看。他看过了样品以后,立马拍板:“这个东西我要了,你谁都不可以卖。” 微信相片打印机是一款帮助商家吸引粉丝的线下互动工具,消费者可以在线下关注微信打印机屏幕上的二维码,成为商家微信公众平台的粉丝,然后通过将自己想要打印的照片发送到商家的公众平台上,打印机就自动会打印出照片。


当然,如果这一款WePrint 打印机只是打印照片,那也不值得Json全情投入进去运营了。“我拿到这款机器以后,花了好几个月时间去研究它的商业模式——然后我发现,这个WePrint打印机真的很强大,它非常特别。最重要的一点是,它可以和几乎所有的行业配合。” WePrint打印机服务范围包括了:餐饮、娱乐、化妆品、酒水咖啡、婚纱摄影、酒店、超市、旅游、广告传媒、生活服务、珠宝、通讯、汽车、房产、电商、养生美容健身、教育、艺术文化、等等。“WePrint打印机服务有三大优势:我可以卖机器赚钱,我可以提供租用服务给活动策划公司,我可以让客户投放广告。”Json这样表示。

“我们不是为了要打败什么人,而是通过“消费者—WePrint —商家”这样的模式,来和商家合作,吸引更多的人潮,达到共赢的目的。”

Json 认为,由于科技的进步,照片已经逐渐淡出人们的视野。但是,正如所有的事情都会回归一样,照片也开始回归人们的生活,“只是采取不同的方式罢了!”


  1. 关注商家公众微信号,粉丝免费打印手机内照片。
  2. 大尺寸屏幕,可以让商家投放平面广告展示,商家也可投放画面轮播广告展示,或者是投放视频广告展示。
  3. 打印照片展示商家LOGO或二维码。
  4. 支持免费或收费打印照片,独立后台自由操作。

Json表示,这台机器是2015年开始带入马来西亚的。“但是一开始的时候我并不主张以售卖来获利。我的伙伴带着我们的机器穿梭在各大展览会场,然后我们的数据显示:这个机器是可以赚钱的。而后,我们花很长时间去和大集团呈现我们的创意。后来,我们都得到了这些大集团的认同,比如云顶,Acson, Celcom, Watson等等。现在,很多大型集团,活动策划公司等等,都愿意和我们配合。” Json说,他们的专业就是提供这些服务,所以对商家或者活动策划来说,租用要比买卖来得更划算。


据悉,目前WePrint即将推出个性化胸章,手机外壳等等。在未来的几年,印上自己照片的胸章即将大行其道!“这款机器不是唯一的,但是我们一直在求变。不断地推陈出新,一直往外延伸。如果只是印制照片,那我们很快会被淘汰。只有不断地改变,我们才可以继续生存。” Json最后这样说。



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